This party's not for sitting, friends. You might say the Guajiros just got funkier.

The first time you walk into a Nu D'Lux party, you feel like you've discovered a beautiful secret, an underground river that carries you smoothly and joyously into the night. Theirs is a music both sweet and fierce with a sincerity and humility unheard of on the current salsa scene.

Their love affair with Cuban Music began years before Buena Vista Social Club and has evolved far beyond simply aping the standards. Sculpted and honed on NYC streets and clubs they have transcended the stock music of Salsa pick-up bands with a sound unmistakable and unique. This IS original music. Sweet Son Montuno blends with the modern funk of Timba and goes straight to your soul, pulling you to the dance floor.

Incorporating Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto Rican vocal stylings, the Cuban Tres Guitar, Violin, Trombone, Trumpet and a modern-groove rhythm section of New York's finest (conga, bongo and timbales), the group is able to travel from the sweetest Son to amped up modern Cuban numbers with astounding ease and dedication. Rumba, Danzon, even Gospel-infused melodies pour out over the dancing crowd; it must be seen to be believed.

These musicians are honored to have shared the international stage with renowned bands such as Los Van Van, Buena Vista Social Club, y El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

A refreshing break from the loud, deliberately complex modern trends in Latin dance music, Nu D'Lux offers a full serving of passion, percussion and pleasure every time they hit the stage.