WE'VE BEEN BLESSED to play with so many great musicians from here to Puerto Rico, Spain, Greece, Italy and back again! We'd like to shout out to our current crew and extended musical family:

Musicians -
Bass: Jorge Bringas, Pedro Giraudo.

Vocals/Guiro: Jose Scringer

Timbal: Manuel Alejandro-Carro. Bongo/Campana: Gabriel Machado. Guiro: Noboru "Koshi" Koshizaka.

Trumpet: Albert Leusink, Brian Lynch. Trombone: Reut Regev, Andy Hunter, Ryan Keberle.

Violin: Ali Bello, Yunior Terry.

Flute: Colette Michaan, Itai Kriss.

Piano: Edgar Pantoja-Alemán.

Co-Leaders -
Aaron Halva: Tres, Composition & Arrangements, Coro. Jainardo Batista: Conga, Maraca, Clave, Lead Vocals, Composition & Arrangements.

And in Puerto Rico: beloved Juan and Gwen of the Nuyorican! "Polito" Huertas & the late great "Juancito" Torres.

In Argentina: Martín Quaglia, with the sweetest guitar ever played.

Stateside friends and influences:
Anat Cohen, Guido Gonzales, Naomi and Chacho Schartz, Alvaro Benavides, Willy Mattias, Luis Perdomo, Edsel Gomez, Miriam Sullivan, Victor Sanchez. Joy and Larry Harvey. Bob Atwell and Janis Shen.

We love and appreciate you all.